LifeWave Y-age Glutathione

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant. It supports immune function, improves overall health in a patented, proprietary form of phototherapy. It contains no chemicals or stimulants.

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Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and primary antioxidant for detoxfication. It’s found in nearly every human cell, and medical experts say that the lifespan is directly equivalent to the amount of glutathione in your body. WIth its ability to protect and detoxify, it also provides crucial immune system support. It’s also worth noting that glutathione is incredibly well-researched. In fact, thousands of clinical studies have been conducted on this powerful antioxidant.

As the primary defence against invaders from outside and inside the body, the importance of the immune system cannot be overstated. The good news is that this patch is clinically proven to keep your immune system strong. No other single product can boost your immune system like Y-Age Glutathione, and this patch does it all with no drugs or chemicals.

Each pack contains 30 x Y-age Glutathione patches

Please send us an email under the contact us tab to receive pricing etc.


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